Purchasing Tickets/Booking Information


  • Puck uses Eventbrite for online ticket sales. Click the ticket icon of the desired show on the events page to be redirected.
  • Call us at 215-348-9000 to reserve tickets over the phone.
  • Tickets can be purchased at the hostess stand in the music venue lobby at doors on the day of show.

If you experience any difficulty purchasing tickets, please email pucklivemanager@gmail.com.

Booking Inquiries: puckmusic@comcast.net

Please include website links in your e-mail.


Please send show posters (minimum 3) at least 4 weeks in advance to:
Puck Live – c/o Dave Nonini - 1 Printers Alley, Doylestown, Pa 18901

Band Bio's & Photos to:
J.D Malone: puckmusic@comcast.net

Thursday, Friday, Saturday Shows:

Load-in 5pm (unless other arrangements made with Mike Lightkep)
All soundchecks for all acts must be completed by 7pm.

Doors open at 7pm / Shows begin at 8:00pm (Please confirm with Mike Lightkep on night of show).

In the event that you are booked for two shows in one night/show times are 7pm and 10pm with load-in at 3pm and doors opening at 5pm.

Sunday Shows:

Load-in is 3pm / Doors open at 5pm /Show starts at 6pm. 

Please contact Mike Lightkep (sound engineer/stage manager) with any other questions in regards to load-in and sound check. 

Stage Manager: Mike Lightkep : 610-272-9553 / smanmike@gmail.com

Other Useful Contacts and Information:

General Manager: Samantha Kovaks / 215-990-9992 / samatpuck@gmail.com

Booking Manager: J.D Malone / puckmusic@comcast.net

Puck Capacity is 120 persons

There is an Independent Record store, Siren Records, around the corner from Puck. Please visit and check with Blair if you are interested in selling your records there or doing an in-store performance. www.sirenrecords.com


Puck is located on Printer's Alley, between East Court Street and State Street in Doylestown. Printer's Alley is a one-way street. When arriving for load-in, turn onto the alley from East Court Street (pointing down the hill). Our stage door will be on your left soon after you turn onto Printer's Alley, just past the no parking sign. Stop for load-in at the black metal stair rail, as our stage door is located down these steps. Please be sure to leave room for passing traffic and to use your hazard lights while loading in. After load-in, a Puck employee will direct you toward our parking lot.


We provide a central location with high visibility for merchandise sales. The area is small and we do not recommend large displays or merchandise stocks. Artists requiring a Puck staff member for merchandise sales are asked to inform us in advance. In the event that we staff your merchandise sales, the artist is asked to pay Puck

TECHNICAL SPECS: (as of 10/2013)

Behringer X32 digital mixing console/32 mic input capable 6 stage mixes available EAW JFX290 speaker system (2) EAW SBX220 subwoofer system (2), Whirlwind Medusa Elite 32x8 stage box/snake system.

Tri-amped system/JFX290′s are flown full stereo system dbx Drive Rack processor, JBL JRX112m stage wedges(x5), EV ELX115 (x1)/full range, (3) Crown XTi series amplifiers (foh)

QSC amplifiers (monitors and delay fills), Shure, Cad, Stageworks, Audix, and AudioTechnica mics –various Horizon, Stageworks, Radial direct boxes, Roland SRV330 available as outboard fx and Denon DN 4500 cd player. Various mic stands -14+ - feat. Atlas MS20's 10's K&M, Atlas and On Stage tripods and low-boy stands.

(8) Chauvet ColorDash Par rgb, led fixtures, (4) Chauvet TriPar warm/cool white led fixtures. ETC SmartFade 1248 lighting console.

2-track analog mix,(blend of house mics and console), to cd burner,(Tascam CDRW 900), available always for fee of $5.

2-track analog console mix via usb stick available always no charge,(artist must supply media - no SanDisk drives, please),

Full input, 32 track recording available via house tech Mike Lightkep's Nuendo Live system only upon request w/2 weeks' notice for $75. This option is only available when Mike is actually working the show. Please direct inquiries to him if interested.

Drum Kit:

4 piece, custom-made drum kit built and provided by Bucks County Drum Company. www.buckscountydrumco.com

8 ply, all maple shells. Sizes: 8deepx12racktom,14deepx16floortom,6x14snareandan18deepx22 kick drum. Hardware available : Tama HS30W Snare stand, Tama HH805 HH stand, Tama HP 200 Iron Cobra Jr. Bass pedal, 2 Tama HC33BW hide-away boom stand, 1 Tama HC 72 Boom stand, 1 Tama dog bone clamp, 1 Worldmax omniball tom mount, 1 Roc-N-Soc saddle style drum throne No cymbals are available in-house at this time.

Bass drum is internally mic'ed with a Sennheiser E901 microphone (optional Audix D6 available also)

Please note:
  Only musicians with certified and documented endorsement agreements will be allowed to use their own drum kits.  Please advance this information at the time shows are in the booking stage. Thank you.